Process Automation

Main driver behind design continues to be automation of investment process.
 (MAIN) Computer – High CPU applications

·         Data Analysis, Programming, Research
(SERVER) Windows Server 2012 R2 – Offload low priority processes from MAIN

·         Networking (Azure, Active Directory)
·         Storage (file management, Backups, Cloud Sync, Indexing)
·         Virtual Machines (Hyper-V Host 240GB SSD)
o   Windows 10 Pro NAS, Apache Lucene, SharePoint)
o   Windows 10 Pro (Emails)
o   SQL Server 2014 (Data)
(NODES) Raspberry Pi Cluster –  Simple Processes (Samba, Webmin, AD Domain, SSH & VNC)
·         Raspberry Pi 3, Samsung 64GB EVO Plus, Xubuntu 16.04
·         Raspberry Pi 3, Samsung 64GB EVO, Raspbian
·         Raspberry Pi 2, Samsung 64GB EVO Plus, Raspbian Lite


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