Add Chrome app to Secondary taskbar w/ icon

Now that my beloved chrome app launcher is gone, I’ve had to find another way to launch my apps.  I used Feedly, but process should be same for others.
1)       Goto chrome://apps/, right click icon, click Create shortcuts… (shortcut will be created on Desktop)

2)       Goto desktop, right click icon, properties, select everything in target and copy to clipboard
b.       Chrome Canary
i.      “C:UsersryanAppDataLocalGoogleChrome SxSApplicationchrome.exe”
ii.      –profile-directory=Default –app-id=hipbfijinpcgfogaopmgehiegacbhmob

3)       Right click on taskbar where you want to add shortcut, click Multi-Monitor Taskbar > Shortcuts >> Edit Shortcuts

4)       Select Google Chrome from(a) “select application” window that opens (or can press cancel), then paste in the target command which was copied from step (2)

5)       Press Save and it should be added to taskbar
b.       If icon is chrome and not the app, can take screenshot of app, paste into paint, save as png, then select in step 4.c “icon” button

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