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The Semiconductor Supply Chain is probably my favorite industry to deep dive.
·         Semiconductor Mfg 488        
o   Silicon Products        40
o   Foundry Services      25
·         09/27/2016 – Intel a Year Behind TSM in Foundry Capabilities, Says Citi Citigroup chip analysts Roland Shu Christopher Danely today review the prospect of Intel (INTC) competing directly with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM) in building chips for other companies, and declare TSM the likely winner in any such face-off.
·         08/2016 – In c. Aug 2016 Intel began trial production at 10 nm.
·         11/05/2016 – TSMC to Start Building 5-Nanometer Facility in 2017: Eco. (Bloomberg) — Company plans to begin mass production of chips using 5-nanometer technology in 2020 to help compete with Samsung, Taipei-based Economic Daily News reports, citing unidentified TSMC official     =
§  SEC
·         10/17/2016 Today Samsung announced mass production of a SoC built on its third-generation 10nm “10LPE” manufacturing node. It was only this January that Samsung announced mass production of its 14LPP process that ended up being used in the Exynos 8890 and the Snapdragon 820 powering up a large amount of flagship devices this year.
§  Global Foundries (AMD)
·         09/19/2016 – Global Foundries is one of the leading chip fabrication entities as several customers use its technologies. Its current 14nm FinFET technology is being used by Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) for Polaris graphics cards. Global Foundries plans to “to be ready for customer product design starts in the second half of 2017, with ramp to risk production in early 2018.”
§  UMC
·         10/26/2016 – 28nm 21% sales and adding 5,000 wafer addition right now bringing 2017 total to est 10,000 wafers, 40nm 27% sales 3Q15, 14nm on track for early 2017
o   Front End Capital Equipment              151
o   Assembly Material & Solutions           44
o   Assembly & Testing Services               54
o   Back End Capital Equipment 61

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