Route Internet Traffic from multiple computers through VPN

Have been messing around with NewsBlur, python RSS feed app which parses news feeds.  Is open source,  so been trying to understand how it works and finally got it running on my local network

Got me thinking about somehow masking my IP (because I’ll be constantly requesting updates from various RSS feeds), so I looked into  pfSense (Firewall  focused OS built on FreeBSD) and VPN (decided on AirVPN and NordVPN because of reputation and Linux compatibility).

Only took two days, but finally figured out  how to route all my traffic though pfSense using AirVPN, so I can run Newsblur continuously without worry.  Going to reorganize further so all internet traffic goes through pfSense (see how that goes) and because can’t figure out how to access computers behind pfSense from outside (hah!).


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